Scrambler® Milano

The Land of Joy in the Lombardy capital.

The project

From a yesteryear icon to a modern lifestyle symbol. Scrambler® Milan brings the Land of Joy universe to the Lombardy capital. Young, creative, open to free expression and infinite customizations, the Scrambler project took the iconic 70s model (and related brand communications, modernized and localized it in all the right ways.

The challenge

Scrambler® Ducati is an easy two-wheeler. Its free spirit means a fearlessness of obstacles, even on less traveled paths. Since the brand first launched in Milan we've worked closely with the dealer to integrate and communicate the Scrambler's dynamic message of "adventure and chill" on the dealer's digital & social channels.

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The solution

The Land of Joy lands in Milan. The Scrambler® brand represents a multiform value system, conveying emotions and experiences of enjoying life's ride and living free in numerous physical and digital forms. The brand identity is very strong and specific. In order to convey it, we used a functional digital mix.

Expressing this locally is the priority, so we tailor our search engine & social media marketing approach accordingly. We manage the all production of the dealer's original content, including interior & on-location photo/videography. The result is a strong success, and another company we're proud to work with!

Video, photo shooting

Monthly video & photo shoots

Social media marketing

Facebook & Instagram management

Online advertising

Search engine marketing, display advertising

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