Royal Enfield® Dealer

A legend is born: a Royal Enfield® concept store.

The project

English roots, Indian soul. If Royal Enfield® has a fascinating past, the present is even more exciting. From an arms factory in the heart of England, to a protagonist in the world of two wheels, the brand is an ever-expanding return to success, now available in a dedicated dealership in Milan.

The challenge

Royal Enfield® is one of the oldest motorcycle companies in business. A journey (through time) without borders, iconic and effortlessly cool machines. The Concept Store in Milan involved us in a challenge to integrate this concept of purity and adventurous motorcycling on its digital & social media platforms.

Performing digital convessionario royal enfield

The solution

Digital content and solutions allowed us to localize the brand's message in Milan and told its tale of the simple pleasures of motorcycling in harmony with the road. Original photos, videos and animations were needed to build the local story.

In order to reach the Milanese target audience we optimized search engine and social media marketing actions. Our system has been proven with several other clients; we simply tailored it to maximize results. We love this brand, and it's been a blast!

Video, photo shooting

Photography, videography, & animations

Social media management/marketing

Creation of editorial plan, social ADV management

Online advertising

Search engine marketing, display advertising

Email marketing & copywriting

Creativity & content creation for DEM/newsletter