Aixam Mega Italia® Dealer

A cohesive and harmonious network identity.

The project

Aixam Mega Italia® partners with 80+ dealerships throughout Italy. The coolest minicars in Europe are an expression of design, youth and safety. As it often is, our task was easier said than done: orchestrating a digital solution to align brand identity between the parent company and the dealership network, while still promoting the local character of the dealer.

The challenge

Aixam asked us to develop an advanced concept of digital brand identity in Italy, one that would work seamlessly across dozens of cities. Turin, Milan, Rome, Naples, Palermo and many other local sales/service points have been incorporated into what has become a network-wide communication system. It's taken great commitment and coordination!

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The solution

A centralized platform and a CS ticketing system emphasises and supports brand values. A number of strategic resources were used, including optimizing search engine and social media marketing activities. It took a lot of intense conversations to calibrate and guide the dealer network, and provide them with the right combination of suitable tools.

Our collab aimed at developing the online presence and providing exactly the information a local might be searching for. To improve functionality throughout the dealer network, we shared experiences from each successful onboarding to improve the overall system. The result has been solid, and we're super proud of it!

Web design & development

A centralized platform

Ticketing system

Technical assistance & support, within 24 hours

Digital & creative strategy

Digital & social resources, and operational guides

Online advertising

Search engine & social media marketing

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