Is email personalization effective? 20 Jan 22

No one wants a mass email from a faceless robot. Consider your own behavior: what's the likelihood of an email from an unknown source being opened? Probably slim.

Use the appropriate voice and personalize if applicable.

It’s essential to have a clear understanding of what audience segment you are targeting in order to provide a practical or literal custom message in the appropriate tone. An investment bank would not welcome their customers the same way as a company that makes hammocks.

Further, a little bit of personalization treats our prospects as we would want to be treated. Statistically speaking, personalized messages have a higher open rate and improved click-through percentage. So yes, it's effective.

Note though that personalization can enhance performance only if:

  1. Your customer has opted-in

  2. There is a level of authenticity to it

Adding a client's name is a nice touch, just use caution. It can seem overly automated if a preferred name isn’t used and will likely be off-putting.

Personalization isn't just about names, though. It means referencing information directly relevant to the individual on the other end. If you'd like to know more, check out our comprehensive guide: Rethink Email Marketing.

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