Is email personalization effective? 20 gen 22

Consider being the recipient: no one wants a mass email from a faceless robot. You (a human, presumably) are writing a message to another human. In fact, the likelihood of an email from an unknown or unrequested source being opened is slim.

Use the appropriate voice and personalize if applicable.

It’s essential to have a clear understanding of what audience segment you are targeting in order to provide a custom message, practically or literally. A little bit of personalization treats our prospects as we would want to be treated.

An investment bank would not welcome their customers the same way as a company that makes hammocks. Also, statistically speaking, personalized messages have a higher open rate and improved click-through percentage.

Use caution with personal greetings involving names.

It can seem overly automated if a preferred name isn’t used. In fact, personalized messages can enhance open rate performance only if 1) your customer has opted-in, and 2) there is a level of authenticity to it.

Our approach to personalization is as simple as refined. "Personalization" means referencing information directly relevant to the individual on the other end including.

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