Everyone speaks about "value" 10 Feb 22

Maybe you’ve tried email marketing in the past with insufficient results. Or you already grasp the importance of this tool in developing your brand, you’re feeling things out and this blog post is part of your research.

Perhaps you’re somewhere between “I know it’s effective, but don’t want to spam my clients”. Yet, you love what you do and want to share it with more people. We're here to help. Email marketing can be effective, if done correctly.

Everyone speaks about "value"

One the biggest questions ever asked: what really defines content high quality? Value is what something is perceived to be worth in terms of money, quality, familiarity, endearment and/or other measures.

Trial subscriptions, coupons, newsletters or free consultations. Ask yourself: what does it mean for you to offer something of value? For customers, it is a measurement of risk taken on a brand’s offering, the benefits of the offering and the perceived cost.

Value in your email marketing campaigns

When it comes to the individual email making up a campaign, the value of your message is the perceived benefit of its content to the recipient, minus the time or effort sacrificed by opening and reading its content.

Value = perceived benefits of email - time sacrificed reading it

We’ll say it: it is much more important that your content has utility than originality. You are allowed to repurpose an existing quality piece or template. That’s the beauty of evergreen content. We’re big fans of digital recycling!

A gift from us to you: download our free 11 lead magnet ideas. Choose one idea or more and draft your own lead magnet.

See you soon, buddy!

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