Everyone speaks about "value" 10 feb 22

A big question: what defines high quality content? In a word, it's value.

Value is simply what something is perceived to be worth in terms of money, quality, familiarity, endearment and/or other measures. For customers, it is a measurement of risk taken on a firm’s offering, the benefits of the offering and the perceived cost.

When it comes to the individual emails making up a campaign, the value of your message is the perceived benefit of its content to the recipient, minus the time or effort sacrificed by opening and reading its content.

Value = perceived benefits of email - time sacrificed reading it

To put it another way: the gain of opening an email must outweigh the pain of sifting through an inbox and scrolling through the message.

A value deficit leads to a loss of interest, engagement and ultimately an unsubscribe. Our advice: repopulate your mailing list and rethink your approach. A great way to get new users is through a quality lead magnet.

Some free knowledge, if you'd like: 11 lead magnet ideas. To know more, check out our comprehensive Rethink Email Marketing guide.

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