Lead magnets: 11 ideas to grow your email list 27 Jan 22

A good lead magnet is based on a simple exchange: an email address for something of value.

As customers, our email addresses are often overworked by companies, leaving us shy in handing them over. They mean something to us, have value and access to our inboxes should be treated as a privilege.

As marketers, there should be a continuous value exchange in return for this privilege. This is an opportunity to provide something of reasonable usefulness and relevance, without necessarily contributing a huge amount of additional work.

It is more important that your lead magnet has utility than content originality. Refurbish and repurpose an existing quality piece of content for use as lead. That’s the beauty of evergreen content. At Performing Digital® we’re big fans of digital recycling. As a marketing concept, it is a beautiful thing!

The goal is simple: give your clients a good enough reason to continue interaction with your brand. How will you continue to engage them?

Here's a little something something to help: download our free 11 lead magnet ideas.

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