Email marketing: consent is a good thing 03 Feb 22

Beyond its imperativeness and legal adherence, explicit consent is arguably what makes your email list the most open users among your online audience.

Why consent is important

We often remind our clients: the inherent value of your email list is user consent. Users willing to receive communications from you will naturally be more open to your offers. Consent, then, is a good thing.

What we don't like: messages sent to users who have not opted in. The likelihood of emails lacking consent being marked as spam is higher. Spam cheapens the brand and almost always goes unread, creating digital litter.

Get explicit consent

When your customer subscribes to a mailing list, consider asking them to confirm with a double opt-in: a more thorough process where a new email address is added to your email list after the would-be subscriber affirms their interest.

Approval is often granted by replying to an opt-in confirmation email. Trust us on this one: double opt-ins have higher click rates, and lead to healthier, more hygenic mailing lists.

Research the law and play nice

As a side note, please do your research and follow applicable privacy laws and regulations in the US, EU, or wherever you are practicing your campaigns. The GDPR rules (for the EU) are easy to navigate at

​​The United States, on the other hand, has a different approach to data privacy legislation. Although it does not have an all-encompassing data protection law like the GDPR, consumer protections are in place.

Regardless of where you are setting up your campaign, let better ethics guide you.

Get in touch to see how we can help. If you'd like to know more, check out our comprehensive guide: Rethink Email Marketing.

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