Freedom and independence for teens prior to obtaining their driver's licence.

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The right digital mix

The brand shook up their social media strategies.

Creating interesting and credible stories, we got back to basics. We called in our videographers and photographers around Italy.

Aixam targeted consumers based on their search intent

The brand focused on search engine marketing as well, choosing the most relevant keywords and increasing web traffic exponentially.

Centralized platform

Convey a consistent corporate identity, as a team.

The coordinated effort led to two additional projects in support of the dealer network. A social media starter pack plus monthly editorial calendar, and a centralized platform.

Incorporate brand identity into a local web presence.

Dealers are no longer product suppliers, they’re partners. The centralized platform delivers to each a customizable website template.


Typography helped us convey the brand's message.

The centralized platform uses Raleway as the main font. Optimal for both formal and informal script, to speak with our audience and their parents.

Hand-drawn brush paired helped conveyed with a friendly vibe.

Pacifico is the supportive font for contrasting elements. It yells ‘ALOHA!’ to evoke the type of fun feeling its creator wanted to convey.

IMG 2716

Color palette

The brand create contrasts with strong colors.

Blue and white determined the overall "look" of the site. We used these for things like primary actions, links, icons, backgrounds and text.

The accent color calls attention to key elements

Red was used fairly conservatively to avoid overpowering other primary colors and to make select elements stand out.

Dark blue


Light grey


Bright red


Light blue