Aixam Italia

Aixam is the leader in four-wheeled minicars in France and all around Europe. The brand means freedom and independence for teens between 14 and 18 years old, prior to obtaining their driver's licence.

The project

The brand target are Italian Gen Z'ers. You may have heard their attention span is about 8 seconds, but in reality they possess a sophisticated filter developed from growing up in an information-rich world.

Social media and search marketing

Performing Digital was originally brought on to implement an entirely new social media and search engine marketing strategy. We started by creating video and photo content in multiple locations in Italy.

Centralized platform

Our work led to two additional projects. A social media starter pack plus monthly editorial calendar, and a centralized platform that delivers to each automotive dealer in the network a customizable website template. This allows for a consistent corporate identity but still enables dealers to tell their local story.

Other stuff

Keeping an audience engaged is always a challenge (8 second attention span, anyone?). We chose simple colors based on the Aixam identity, clean lines, and a friendly font.

Blue and white determined the overall "look" of the site. We used these for things like primary actions, links, icons, backgrounds, accent borders and text. Red was used fairly conservatively to avoid overpowering other primary colors and to make select elements stand out.

Raleway is the main font, optimal for both formal and informal script, which is precisely what we wanted when speaking with our audience (and their parents). We used Pacifico as the supportive font for contrasting elements. It yells ‘ALOHA!’, exactly the type of fun feeling its creator wanted to convey.

Video and photoshoot

Aixam was missing fresh content when we first started working with them. We had to get back to basics, calling in our team of videographers and photographers and organizing photoshoots in locations around Italy.

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