Zapparoli Architettura®

Promise of design: expressing architectural virtuosity.

The project

Architect Gabriele Zapparoli transformed a passion into a profession. He built his reputation on an angular, minimalist style applied to the design and construction of residential and commercial spaces. Designing a logo and website for a perfectionist, particularly one who thinks geometrically, was a wonderful challenge.

The challenge

Shapes are the guiding lines of every design. Zapparoli Architettura tasked us with expressing similar ergonomic, aesthetic and spatial principles through a coherent brand identity and a fluid user experience. The project melded conceptual, architectural and digital structures: a fascinating three-dimensional compendium.

Desktop 6 min

The solution

Design, typography and a boldly lined logo: these components were the keystone of the brand's identity. Zapparoli Architettura is devoted to elegance, geometry and simplicity. On the website, the spaces take on a paradoxical meaning, balancing evocative iconography with essential lines and negative spaces.

Harmonious with the paradigms that link architecture and design to usability. The typographic elements are designed to be both aesthetically responsive and legible. The graphic elements are meant to transport users into a technical drawing, transforming the navigation experience into the exploration of a virtual space.

Logo design & creation

Brand & user experience design

Web design & development

Website development and e-commerce

Copy & content writing

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