Vita Depuratori®

A healthy commitment: better water in your home.

The project

Vita Depuratori® focuses on the health of our body and of our the planet. A Piedmontese company, they are a leader in the installation and maintenance of water treatment devices. Experience and advanced technology allow the company to propose sustainable solutions based on every type of need, space and objective.

The challenge

Quality, savings and the environment: the pillars of the brand. VITA Depuratori® is committed to eco-solidarity and reducing the waste of resources, both natural and economic. The challenge was simple (though not easy!): to raise awareness of the sustainable use and purchase of water, while supporting and promoting the digital development of the brand.

Desktop 3 min

The solution

Refreshed branding, an e-commerce platform and a complete overhaul of the company's communications, in full compliance with food & beverage regulations. This, plus building the company's digital architecture, interface design and site usability.

We also dedicated ourselves to user information content, videos and animations. We took advantage of digital & social media marketing actions to amplify the message of the project and provide an immediate response to the target audience. It was fun!

Brand & user experience design

Branding, usability-oriented design

Web design & development

E-commerce platform development

Copy & content writing

Creative consultancy and content creation

Online advertising

Search engine & social media marketing

Mobile 5 min
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Brand Design min