Breathe, breathe in the air. Don't be afraid to care.

The project

Smart, ecological and silent, Oxygen is two wheels with zero emissions. Ideal for stress-free daily travel; perfect for restricted traffic areas. Responsibility, convenience, freedom, fun, environmental impact- all themes to be encouraged, as well as refute tech concerns regarding EV including range anxiety.

The challenge

Oxygen responds to the need of commuters and others looking for an innovative mobility solution at an affordable price and with low environmental impact. The brand challenged us to convey its identity in 5+ languages through the company's social networks.

The solution

Oxygen. #GoEasier. We chose this hashtag to convey to modern commuters that there is a better, cleaner way of getting around. Despite busy schedules and hectic commutes, all of us can make small, positive changes that positively impact ourselves, our communities and the environment.

We produced video and animations to create the right hype and amplify our message. We also focused on providing a green response to the target audience through social media marketing actions. The result? A close collaboration with the team dedicated to the project and a resounding buzz of positive online activity.

Digital & creative strategy

Strategic consultancy for digital & social

Social media marketing/management

Creation of editorial plan, social ADV management

Community management

Management and monitoring in 5+ languages

Video, graphics & animations

Creation and editing of videos and animations

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Oxygen 3
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