Mycroclean Italia®

An apparel ecosystem relevant for these times.

The project

An ecosystem of advanced apparel and services, Mycroclean Italia® boasts a team of experts in their field. The company has set the standard for the production, sale and decontamination service of PPE for 40 years. They are amongst the best at what they do, offering innovative and sustainable solutions that meet the most modern and relevant bio-protection needs.

The challenge

Mycroclean® was well positioned to provide their apparel at the beginning of the Covid pandemic. Empathy for the situation had to urgently be paired with a surge in demand for PPE products, particularly those that are as innovative as they are eco-sustainable. Our challenge was to quickly and thoroughly express this: the company had minimal digital presence in early 2020.

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The solution

An e-commerce platform and a thorough communication and marketing effort, in full compliance with the regulations that govern the medical and health sectors was needed. Close collaboration with the brand and intense teamwork led to a vastly improved online awareness in a minimal amount of time.

Content creation came first, so we got to work on photo and video production, subsequent editing and animations. Accurate and complete information to the public had to be provided immediately as it was an emergency period. Once our message was shaped and we had the content to make it visual, we took advantage of social media to broadcast it.

Digital & creative strategy

Strategic consultant for digital & social

Web design & development

Website and e-commerce development

Online advertising

Search engine marketing, display advertising

Social media marketing

Creation of editorial plan, social ADV management

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