Equistasi® Nanotechnologies

A disruptive wearable medical device.

The project

Scientific research in the nanotechnology field led to an innovative and wearable medical device (registered class 1, ministerial code n. 342577 of 05/08/2010). Composed exclusively of nanotechnological fibers, Equistasi® is light, reusable and able to optimize therapy and training by re-educating proprioceptive circuits.

The challenge

A scientific approach to excellence. Communicating disruptive innovation and a pioneering start-up is no easy task. We are proud to have been chosen by Equistasi®, accepting the challenge of increasing their visibility and amplifying their brand message in Italy and abroad.

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The solution

A human-centered web platform, with crossborder e-commerce and communication, paired with a strong social care and customer service. This, plus full compliance with the strict regulations that characterize the medical and health sector. The result? An adventure in goal sharing, strategic learning and operational vision.

Science backed by research was emphasized to provide authoritative information and accurate response to customer and medical personnel questions. We organized all photo and video sessions for original material. The right digital mix plus maximized search engine and social media marketing action boosted the brand message. We've loved this project!

Digital & creative strategy

Strategic consultancy for digital & social

Web design & development

Website and e-commerce development

Online advertising

Search engine marketing, display advertising

Social media marketing

Creation of editorial plan, social ADV management

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