14 flexible subject lines to bump up your open rate 03 Mar 22

A recipient’s attention, and therefore the probability of them opening your email, depends largely on whether the subject line is relevant enough to grab their attention.

It has one job: summing up the purpose of the enclosed message.

How you convey that summary can make a difference in whether or not someone decides to click open if the email isn’t explicitly expected (an order confirmation email, for example).

The subject line can both attract and repel. It's fair to say most of us can spot a spammy email simply by reading the subject. Avoid that by writing something relevant, interesting and concise.

At the very least, your subject line must be clearly worded in the language of the recipient. Use an emoji if you’d like and personalize if appropriate.

Here's a little free knowledge, if you'd like: sample our 14 flexible subjects, designed for a wide range of businesses. If you want more, take at look at our comprehensive guide: Rethink Email Marketing.

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