Three fundamentals of email marketing 06 Jan 22

Maybe you’ve tried email marketing in the past with inconsistent results. Or you already understand the importance of this tool in developing your brand, you’re feeling things out and this blog post is part of your research.

Perhaps you’re somewhere between “I know it’s effective, but don’t want to feel like I’m spamming my clients”. There is a fundamental difference between spam and quality email marketing: where one is irrelevant junk, the other offers well-timed value. Naturally, we want our messages to be the latter.

Rather than embarking on some newfangled strategy, reconsider the basics:

1. Know your audience

Our inboxes are rammed full of emails that add zero value to our lives. As marketers, what we want for our clients’ clients is what we want for ourselves: something worthwhile, of economic or informational value.

Read this twice: the key to success is understanding exactly what people want from your brand. No easy feat, to be sure. However, a look at your current prospects and customers can reveal a lot about them, their demographics, psychographics and motivations for using your product. This is the foundation of persona building, a process all brands should exercise.

2. Set your objectives

Mapping your goals helps maintain consistency in not only your marketing plan but also your wider business strategy. It encourages you to monitor how objectives can be reached, rough-draft what resources might be needed and an approximate deadline to adhere to.

Take action: ask yourself tough questions about resource allocation, brand direction, values, mission and future. Reflect and forecast: what do you need to better understand how to be competitive and reach your goals?

3. Rethink your approach

Have you ever stopped to really consider your approach? That is, what are you trying to convey to who, exactly? Email marketing, sequences and their individual messages scope easier when we know who we are trying to reach and what we are trying to achieve.

Think it over: after sending your welcome email, you don't want to ghost your mailing list until there is (urgently) something to sell. How will you continue to engage them? How will you encourage interest, desire and interaction with your brand?

A gift from us to you: download our free 11 lead magnet ideas. If you'd like to know more, check out our comprehensive guide: Rethink Email Marketing.

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