A pioneer of urban & extra-urban mobility. Qooder™ is Advanced Mobility Solutions.

MDT SFQ 87 I0849 4

The project

Reach a wider audience, engage with the community.

To get the plan going, we used key audience insights, provided by Qooder SA, and our own research to build audience clusters and profiles.

Qooder SA had to broadcast the message the right way

High tech innovations conveyed with creative content, based on the asset produced by the client. The goal has been to engage the audiences across multiple channels.

Social media marketing

A multi-language social media strategy.

A monthly social strategy is built with five European markets in mind.

A multi-platform social media strategy.

Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. Creative series include #TechXplained to highlight tech advantages, #WattsRight to support the launch of Qooder's electric models.

Community management

Cultivation and nurturing of online relationships.

Daily community management through cultivation and nurturing of relationships is a fundamental way to retain and acquire loyal customers. We have a dedicated CM team who created a database of FAQs and online mini-guides in English, Italian, Spanish, French, and German.

Video editing and photoshoots

Say it with images

Photos and videos convey the heart of the brand's philosophy: innovation, technological advancement and a futuristic concept of mobility.

Animate with animations

Animated content reached specific clusters stimulating their emotional involvement, as it happened with exciting countdowns.