We love people who turn their passions into professions. This is precisely what architect Gabriele Zapparoli did.

Zapparoli architettura deafult

More than just a website

UI/UX for a clean and refined interface.

A portfolio, a calling card, and the firm's personality. The website had to be all of these things. A demonstration of commitment to innovation.

Responsive design is an essential step in redesign.

Simplified ergonomics for easy accessibility from any device, to provide the best experience. Smooth, smart and stylish.


Typography helped us convey the brand's message.

The centralized platform uses Gotham Black as the main font. Its shapes recall a house's roof: a metter of coherence, isn't it?

Less is more

Gotham Black expresses one of brand's guiding principles: rationality. It perfectly matches with a minimalist, refined design.

Typography & color palette

Strong, subtle and minimal colors.

Colors had to match the firm's focus on timeless elegance. Black and white offers maximum contrast. We relied on photography to catch the users' attention.

The accent color calls attention to key elements

We relied on photography to catch the users' attention.

Deep black


Light grey


Dark grey