Leader in particle decontamination and manufacture of clean room apparel.


Flash digital transformation

Digital savviness became a must in no time.

Mycroclean Italia® changed course and transformed its business by integrating digital technology, delivering value to customers.

The challenge asked a ton of visionary leadership within the company

As Google and Facebook banned ads for face masks, Mycroclean noble intent found other ways. The brand focused on e-commerce, content marketing and native advertising.


On board with e-commerce

A huge overnight change in audiences' shopping behavior.

From bulk-buying to online shopping, Mycroclean Italia® customers also shifted from being only B2B to include BC2 too.

A responsive and refined interface to reach the widest audience.

The brand's new website improved accessibility, enabling online purchase, while repositioning the brand image.

A bright color palette

The brand conveys a safe yet colorful message.

A lilac combined with a dark purple determined the overall "look" of the platform. We used these for things like primary actions, backgrounds and text.

The accent color calls attention to key elements

An eye-popping fuchsia was used conservatively to allow limited elements stand out.

Dark purple


Light Lilac


Bright fuchsia