For over 40 years, Mycroclean has set the standard for the production and maintenance of personal protective clothing (PPE). Their highly specialized team are experts in particle decontamination, sterilization processes, industrial laundering, and manufacture of clean room apparel.

The project

Although Mycroclean® has strong industry presence, they had virtually no online image and were entirely B2B. The Covid crisis forced them to change strategy. In anticipation of a surge in business, and in order to reach and channel B2C traffic, they enlisted us to provide a more robust digital structure.

Social media and search marketing

Covid-19 brought an emergency need for PPE and the specialized services and apparel that Mycroclean provides. An enhanced web existence opened the company up to a far more more vast audience than before. Google Ads and social media content amplified their visibility, driving results at a critical time.

eCommerce platform

Covid-19 demanded a quick and innovative response. We needed a secure platform to sell to government institutions, companies, and individual customers. This was no-normal e-commerce: a number of challenges had to be overcome to synch with Mycroclean's dynamic production schedule. However, our objective remained simple: make the customer experience safe, intuitive and flexible.

Other stuff

Mycroclean's logo set the tone. Whites and shades of pink and lilac determined the overall "look" of the site for things like links, backgrounds and text. Purple-blue was used to make select elements stand out, like certain background areas and call to action buttons.

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