Postural Pilates Online

Digitally bridging the barriers of social distancing.

The project

The Postural-Pilates Center focuses on people's well-being, even in the midst of the Covid pandemic. The team is led by Dr. Carlo Capaldo, Director of Preventive and Adaptive Motor Activities and an expert in clinical posturology, who virtually visits the homes of the students, bridging distances dictated by the modern lifestyle.

The challenge

Orgainized sport dates back to at least ancient Greece, where the knot between the athlete, the training ground and the trainer was a physical one. Naturally a lot has changed since then, allowing new virtual alternatives to filter through and change the way we prepare for or recover from sport.

Desktop 8 min

The solution

A branding activity, an e-commerce platform with bookings and lesson purchases via a calendar, and a communication & notification system (SMS and email), in full compliance with relevant regulations. The result? A close collaboration with the brand, great teamwork, and recognized online visibility.

We engaged in information architecture, interface design and usability activities. We also focused on the production of authoritative information content, video lessons and animations. Finally, we took advantage of digital & social media marketing actions to amplify the message of the project. Ah, we also did a lot more pilates!

Brand & user experience design

Branding, usability-oriented design

Copy & content writing

Creative consultancy and content creation

Online advertising

Search engine & social media marketing

Mobile 16 min
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